Coloured Pencil Drawings

These paintings are all created using loose, random strokes of coloured pencil – often onto wooden panels that have been prepared with several coats of white gesso and sanded to a smooth, hard surface. They are relatively large for coloured pencil works and I slowly build up the layers of colour and tone until I achieve the depth I’m looking for. Final details are “subtracted” from the surface using a collection of erasers and scalpel blades and the surface is protected with several coats of matt artists varnish.

CP Drawings on Panel

6 Replies to “Coloured Pencil Drawings”

  1. hi m,

    just wonderful work and has me droolin’ when ever i see your new works.

    just sorry that your not the exec anymore – don’t get to read your wonderful words of wisdom.

    new email address, please put me back on your newsletters, thanks

    yours davina

  2. I have accidently come across your coloured pencil work, I have recently started doing this medium myself although my weakness is drawing but mt strength is colour. although I have been tight in my CP work I recently did an hedgehog very loosely which has been admired. similar style to you, but not the same. So as you can imagine I am thrilled.
    I would love to have a course with you, but I live too far away. However now I have found you I will look forward to follow you. Lavinia. PS I practice doing cards for my special friends.

  3. Hi Lavinia
    I’m afraid I’ve been neglecting my website recently and have only just seen your comment. Many thanks for taking the trouble to get in touch and please accept my apologies for not repying earlier. I’m glad you enjoy my approach and pleased that you like using CP. Stick with it – and remember that pictures do not always have to be rendered with the same level of detail across the whole thing! I do demonstrations and workshops for art groups other than in my home area – so, you never know, I might be doing something in your area. For example I may well be demonstrating with UKCPS in London, Oxford and Nottinghamshire next year in addition to my own workshops etc.
    Best wishes,

  4. Hi Malcolm
    You may have already received a message from me via your blog, not sure if it was sent.
    I saw you painting Mendham Mill at the open day last year, when you were busy with your 2 to the power of 6 venture, and you kindly showed me the oils that you were using and the brushes. I promptly went away and forgot the make of paint and your choice of colours! I think you were mainly using Rosemary brushes.
    A bit cheeky but if you don’t mind, can remember, and are happy to inform a near beginner, could you let me know what oils and colours you used on your glorious painting of the mill or what you are using now?

    Many thanks Lesley

  5. Hi Lesley, For some reason or other, my website no longer informs me when anyone posts a comment. I’ve been neglecting the website over the last several months and, as a result, I have only just seen your comment! Many apologies for the delay in replying. The paints I use are mostly by Pip Seymour. I also use Michael Harding oils as well. Both brands are available at The Art Trading Co, the art shop in Bungay. Otherwise, depending on where you live, they can be obtained through several of the major mail order art companies. You are right, I’m a big fan of brushes from Rosemary. I prefer longer, flat brushes and have many from both the Ivory (artificial bristle) and Eclipse (artificial mongoose) ranges. I now also have some from the Shiraz range which are not a stiff as the Ivory and a little stiffer than the Eclipse. I use the stiffer brushes at the outset in order to keep the paint fairly lean and use the softer ones for more detailed finishing strokes and overpainting. My plein air palette is (Seymour names) Titanium White, Yellow Ochre, Permanent Yellow Deep, Venetian Red, Raw Umber and Cobalt Blue Light. I have a different palette for alla prima figures/portraits and may chop and change between a wider range of options in the studio. I hope this is helpful and (because of the delayed response) that you hadn’t got me marked down as a secretive recluse! KInd regards,


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