64 Pictures in 64 Days

This is the gallery of the 64 pictures created during my “Two to the Power of Six” project. The aim was to create 64 pictures in the 64 days leading up to my 64th birthday on 30th September 2015. Unsold pictures will remain available for sale at £64 (unframed + P&P) for a further 64 days until 3rd November. To see more information about each picture (including whether it is still available) hover your mouse over the picture (in Slideshow) or click on the image (in gallery).

5 Replies to “64 Pictures in 64 Days”

  1. What a massive undertaking. Lovely pictures and an inspiration to all artists! Two months without a let up is a long time!

  2. Thank you Andrea. I’ve been neglecting the site for a while and only just seen your message. It was quite a long time – but I adjusted to the regularity of it fairly easily! I did get a few days adrift at one stage but caught up and finished bang on target!

  3. Hi Malcolm, Andy and all the family are enjoying the beautiful artwork of our ex-neighbour and friend. What a brilliant idea the 64 painting in 64 days has been. Your workshop ideas must also be popular and certainly an inspiration to participants. With David living back at home we’ve been encouraged to buy 3 hens, which are delightful characters and very popular, especially when we are anticipating eggs for breakfast!
    Best wishes from all the family, to you and yours. Andy and Yvonne

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