WIP – “Good Luck Cork”

This “Work in Progress” page started life as 4 separate blog posts that marked the progress of this piece of work.  I have now archived them all onto one page without editing so that anyone vaguely interested in how I work can follow the process I used.
Happy New Year!

I am currently producing some artwork for reproduction as a belated “change of address/New Year” card.  Originally, I’d thought I might do a landscape set in our new location.  However, it has long been a family tradition that we often keep Champagne corks which have been popped in celebration (for all manner of different reasons).  A slit is made in the cork and a “silver” coin inserted (for good fortune!).  They rest on shelves all over the house! This one was popped at New Year 2010/2011 and I thought a close up might make an interesting composition.  The image was chosen from around 25 slightly differing photographs taken on the kitchen table.  The purpose of the card dictated a modest alteration to the date on the coin!

All squared up!
Grid removed.

I’ll be working on Canson Bristol Board with Derwent Artist pencils.  On day one I took the photos, modified the coin in Photoshop, printed it at A4 and squared it up for transfer to the surface.  I did the transfer with a 2B automatic pencil and finished by removing the grid lines and clarified some of the curves.

The following day, after making some alterations to the curves and text on the coin, I was able to spend a few hours getting started on the colour work.

Getting started on the wire.
I’ve made quite good progress today.  The cork, wire and coin are well blocked in and worked up to a reasonable level of detail.Here’s another view which shows my rather limited palette so far and my trusty collection of electric erasers – without which I’d be in trouble.Limited palette!

Graphite drawing erased – background tone started!

There was a little more progress over the weekend even though it doesn’t appear to be much!  I’ve now erased the remainder of the original graphite drawing and started to knock in the background tone over the rest of the image.  It really doesn’t look like much, but there are a few hours worth of very light scribbling there.  At the top right, there is just the Burnt Umber underlayer that I tend to render first.  The table cloth and playing card have further layers of Ultramarine and Burnt Umber in addition.

Keen-eyed followers will also note the alteration to the “A” on the cork – the mistake was kindly pointed out by a sign-writing friend!

All done now!

This piece is now finished after a session on the background and some tightening of the text on the coin.  The original is done on A3 Canson Bristol Board with Derwent Artist coloured pencils.  It will be framed and may be exhibited later this year – but it was commissioned for reproduction as a greetings card for use by my daughter’s business (a belated New Year/Change of Address card).  I’ll also have some printed at a slightly smaller size for sale as general purpose greetings/notelet cards.

The original has been selected as an entry in the “World of Coloured Pencil” exhibition to be held at The Cumberland Pencil Museum, Keswick from 28th May to 25th June 2011 and will be there during the Museum’s 30th Birthday Celebrations over the bank holiday weekend of 29th/30th May.

The cards are now available for purchase directly from this site!  Have a look under the “Work for Sale” page.

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