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Nostalgia Is Not What It Used To Be

My name is Malcolm Cudmore.  I am a figurative artist.

Over time I plan to use this site to show examples of my work (and encourage people to buy it!), rehearse some of my thinking about art and  life and share my working practice as an artist.

Please also check the links to my content on other websites.

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  1. Have been following your little sketches in the SAA mag. Did you ever write a book – thought I had it and can’t find it. Would be easier for me than DVDs as can travel with it. Thanks


  2. Malcolm – could you reserve the 13th September for me … a gift for Kathy’s birthday…. many thanks and hope it hasn’t been taken . –

    ps this is a response to your two to the power of 6 project !

  3. Hi Jan
    Many thanks for your enquiry. I haven’t, as yet, written a book. I’m currently finding out whether I can use the articles I’ve written for the SAA as the basis of a book about observational drawing. I’m still waiting to hear what is possible. I’ve recently moved into a new studio where I hope to be able to have the space to put together a few short video tutorials. Depending on the outcome of SAA matters, I will also consider self-publishing a book. If you’re happy for me to do so, I’ll add you to my mailing list so that you’ll get to hear future plans. Thanks again for your enquiry. With kind regards,

  4. Hi Val

    Thanks for prompting me this morning to check my website! I used to get an email every time someone posted a comment. However, that seems to have stopped happening and I’ll have to investigate! Thank you so much for being interested in my “birthday” project. I’m very happy to say that 13th September is now yours.

    I’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, I hope you have a good bank holiday weekend.

    With kind regards,


  5. Does Walberswick art course have places? If so how much and is there accommodation, if not suggestions and cost. Many thanks prillie

  6. With many sincere apologies for completely failing to notice your comment, I am very sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Yes, there are still places on this course and I will be sending a separate e-mail directly to you with all the details. Many thanks indeed and kind regards, Malcolm

  7. Hi Malcolm,
    I would like to discuss a book commission with you – would you be able to get back to me on this email address so that I can send you some details?
    Best regards,

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