The Bungay Panorama Project

Update – June 2016

I’m pleased to say that this project has run its course now. Many thanks to those of you that have purchased cards and/or prints. From now, cards and prints will no longer be available for purchase.

Update – December 2014

I’m very pleased to report that the original artwork – created for these reproductions – has now been sold and will reside permanently on display in Bungay. Netting a further significant financial contribution to Bungay Joint Tourism Group, the picture will reside in the reception area of Rosedale Funeral Directors, Upper Olland Street, Bungay. The Company Group Director saw the picture in its earliest stages in the Spring 2013 and again when it was displayed in the window of MOTH Craft Shop, Upper Olland Street, Bungay during the Autumn 2014 Black Dog Arts “Go Barking in Bungay” art trail. To date, this project has raised well over £1000 for Bungay Joint Tourism Group.

14th December 2013 Update

Just when I thought that I could let the project go, I seem to have had the busiest week yet!  Collecting and delivering prints, persuading local traders to take cards, delivering and already restocking them – plus wrestling the new shop section of this website into some form of functionality (not completely – please bear with!).  In addition –  a hasty press release sent out to the local paper resulted in a front page photo and full article in the Beccles and Bungay Journal on Friday 13th(!) and a feature article in the Eastern Daily Press the following day.  The final surprise was, after a quick trip to the supermarket to get milk on Saturday evening, realising that the stories had even made the “flash” on the news stand. Here are scans of the articles: newspaper articles0001

 newspaper articles0002newspaper articles0003

and, finally, the sight that greeted me yesterday evening!
News stand 01

News stand 02

Cards are available from the following businesses in Bungay:

  • Earsham Street Cafe
  • The Art Trading Co.
  • Lodge Cordell
  • Cork Brick Gallery
  • The Buttercross Tearooms
  • The Fisher Theatre
  • Bungay Library

1st December 201

Finally, this project is completed.  500 cards have been printed and delivered and sales have started (they went really well on the Tourism stall at at the Bungay Christmas Street Market on 1st December).  With the generous assistance of fellow Bungay artist, Karen Leah, we have also produced an A3 print of the whole picture which also includes a “key” to all the participants.  The donations from participants have covered the cost of printing the cards – meaning that all proceeds from the sale of the cards (a very reasonable £1.50 each!) will go to benefit the Bungay Joint Tourism Group.  Each print sold (£15 each) will generate around £10 for BJTG after print and packaging costs are accounted for.

This picture shows both the front and back of the card.  When opened flat, it reveals the whole panorama.

I always promised that a full key to the participants would be placed on my website.  So – here it is!  It is at a fairly low resolution as I don’t want it to inhibit sales of the prints.  Here it is.

To buy cards directly from me using Paypal, please go to my “Shop”

Please don’t forget to add P & P before completing your order!


Previous “Work in Progress” diary entries

22nd September 2013

Well – I do believe that this picture is finally pretty well finished.  It was actually displayed earlier in the summer – during the Black Dog Arts Garden Art Trail on the last weekend of the Bungay Festival in late July.  However, although it was not fully framed, I figured that it really looked “bottom heavy”!  Obvious when you think about it – because all the people are standing on the ground and I had to allow a lot of sky in order to include St Mary’s church tower!

Anyway, having been a member of the working party that put up bunting in the town just before the festival started, it occurred to me that adding some bunting might lift the picture a little.  This required a visit back to the attic where I took the original panorama photos in order to get some new references that included the bunting.  The building (which was a wedding shop 18 months ago when I originally visited it) is now a cafe and under new ownership.  However, the new owner was happy to let me go back into the attic – currently in use by his daughter as an art studio. Since late July, the picture has just been waiting for me to find the time to spend a couple of days on it.  So – the bunting has been added, all the people are in place and I’ve now included a mock up of the caption that will be printed on the rear of the card.

Interestingly, most of the picture is now historical (e.g. I have not shown any of the new “one way system” street furniture) and at least one family now has an extra baby(!).  However, I’ve also traveled forward in time as Lloyds Bank doesn’t yet look like it does in my picture!  In fact, they contributed to the fund as long as I incorporated the “new” Lloyds Bank style that is currently rolling out following the separation of Lloyds and the TSB.  In fact, the picture will be displayed in Lloyds Bank on Monday 23rd September as they are having an open day (despite not yet having the new signs in place the last time I looked on Thursday last!

Incidentally, I estimate that I’ve spent the best part of 150 hours on this picture!

Late July 2013

camp site pictureI didn’t post about this at the time, but thought I’d add the photo for interest!  Working away in Hampshire during July, I took the panorama with me so that I could spend some time on it during the two days off that I had in the week.  I decided to take the tent for the week covering the work I had to do.

It was extremely hot on the campsite (very close to Romsey) and there was very little shade. Even my (usually very hard) Derwent Artists pencils were becoming too soft for me to continue at one point.  So – I was obliged to stop for ice cream and wait ’til later!

23rd May 2013

I’ve spent a few days over the last few weeks getting back to this project with the view of having the fund-raising cards and prints available for purchase during the 2013 Bungay Festival in early July.  Thanks to further very generous support from all the Parkers and staff at The Earsham Street Cafe (where I am wonderfully fed and watered – and even get a mention on Trip Advisor!), I have spent several days there completing the background and positioning the several dozen people and groups that will inhabit the scene.  Because of the strangely forced perspective of this panorama, a millimeter can make a huge difference in the correct appearance of the people.  Each time I change their position within the scene, I have to re-draw the little paper sketches that enable me to deploy them before finally committing myself to drawing them in for real!  A few more recruits have also come forward and there are now 60 people, children and dogs in all (still with the possibility of one or two additions in the near future).

November 2012

I spent a short while actually doing a little more background on this piece while demonstrating on the UKCPS stand at the Art & Materials Show at the NEC.  Of course, I actually spent more time talking than drawing and only managed to add a bit more background on the right hand side.

19th September 2012

Following the talk at The Fisher Theatre on Thursday 13th, several more people have come forward as participants in the crowd scene that will surround the Butter Cross!  I was also able to spend a couple more days in Earsham Street Cafe during the week working on the picture and making even more progress on the background.  The project has to go on hold for a couple of weeks while I work on a couple of other urgent projects and I’ll be returning to it in early October.  The little silhouettes that I’ve added to the picture were for the talk – so that I could show the audience how people might be distributed in the scene (and the sort of size that they would be).  The silhouettes were cut from black paper and fixed in place temporarily.

6th September 2012

After a very busy summer, I have been able to spend some more time on this project.  Thanks to the kind support of Gemma Parker (and other members of her family), I spent 4 days last week sitting in the window of The Earsham Street Cafe in Bungay working on the drawing.  This certainly brought a bit more attention to the project and I was able to complete all the drawing and make a good start on the colour work in the background.  I also recruited a few more people who wished to be included in the finished picture!

On Thursday13th September, I’ll be showing the work in progress and talking about the project during an “Art and Eats” event organised by Waveney and Blyth Arts at The Fisher Theatre.  Alan Cobb, another local artist who has recently produced a print of a large collection of thumbnails of the frontages of Bungay buildings in conjunction with The Bungay Historical Society, will also be talking about his work at the same event.  Further details can be obtained here:

19th June 2012

This is the text of a flyer I’m circulating to anyone interested in being part of this project.  It pretty well explains everything!

“Bungay artist, Malcolm Cudmore, is working on a panoramic view of part of the centre of Bungay.  The original work will be approximately 30 x 85cm, rendered in artists quality coloured pencils and is based on a series of photographs taken from the upper floor of the Wedding Shop opposite the Buttercross.

The original painting will be reproduced as a limited edition of 500 blank greetings cards (the whole panorama will “wrap” around the back and front of the card).  Around 40p from the sale of each card will be donated to the Bungay Joint Tourism Committee budget to assist in the promotion of the town as a tourist destination.

In addition, Malcolm is inviting anyone from (or with a strong connection to) Bungay to include themselves in the picture.  For a donation (to the BJTC fund) of £5 per person (£3 for children), Malcolm will include you in a growing group of people who will be depicted standing around The Buttercross.  Already “booked” into the crowd will be Bungay Town Mayor, Town Reeve, a councillor or two, some local business people and some local families together with Black Shuck (Bungay’s legendary black dog).  In fact, the more people that are involved, the more the search for Black Shuck will lend a “Where’s Wally” factor to the picture.

To be in the picture, you’ll need to supply a decent photograph of yourself (and/or family members/pets).  Ideally the photo (print or digital file) should be taken while you are outside with the sunlight shining on your subject’s left hand side (photographer’s right).  Even better if you can take the photo from a first floor window looking down at your subject at around 30 degrees to the horizontal (they will be around 10-15 metres from the house)!  In the painting, people will be no more than 4cms tall.  So – it will help if you are wearing something distinctive (favourite hat, coat or something else) that will make it easy to identify you in the finished painting and when the card is printed.

Remember, this is a fund-raising exercise!  If you are a business within a building covered by the panorama, you might like to “sponsor” some of your workforce or your company logo/fascia (individuals £5 as above, fascia/logo £20).  Otherwise, no specific businesses will be identifiable in the finished picture even though they may occupy a building within the general panorama.

Coloured pencil is an ideal medium for this painting.  It is great for fine detail and favoured by botanical, pet portrait and other artists where attention to detail is important.  Malcolm is a “Signature” member of the UK Coloured Pencil Society and editor of its quarterly magazine.  He gives demonstrations and teaches coloured pencil techniques to beginners and established artists – including his popular workshops at The Art Trading Company in Bungay.

To enquire about being included in this painting, contact Malcolm through this website (Welcome/Contact Me) or by calling him on (01986) 893291 (hm) or (07912) 793204 (mbl).  Malcolm will then let you know the address to send your pictures and donation to.

Working in coloured pencil at this scale is very time consuming.  Progress and updates will be logged on this page of the website and I will be working on the picture in public during the Black Dog Art Group’s Garden Art Trail on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th July at The Barn, Beccles Road.  I will also be working on the painting from time to time at The Earsham Street Café (enquire for details).  Malcolm will also be talking about the work at an event at The Fisher Theatre on 13th September.  The card should be available in the early autumn.”

9 Replies to “The Bungay Panorama Project”

  1. Your painting of bungay is looking so beautiful. So well done for getting it finished and for getting cards made up too. Have you thought of a price in case anybody wants to buy it?

  2. Thanks Davina. There is the possibility that it will be auctioned at some point next year – which will raise a bit more money for tourism in Bungay.

  3. Malcolm
    Well done you. The picture is fabulous!!!!
    Paul was wondering if we can commission you to do a picture for us
    of The Rafters??

  4. Hello
    I only just noticed this comment! I was doing some site admin and just noticed it! Of course! I’ll call you. X. M.

  5. What a surprise after so many years to see your name in print through Beccles & Bungay Journal. Will keep looking at your blog to keep up-to-date. I now work part-time but volunteer in local farmshop. Just wanted to say what a varied career you have had discovering and using your artistic talents.

  6. Wow! I’ve only just noticed your message. What a surprise (talk about a blast from the past)! I hope you’re well. We’re fine and settling here on the outskirts of Bungay after moving back to East Anglia just over three years ago. We’re enjoying a slightly hand to mouth (in other words – freelance!), rural existence here with a couple of chickens and some paints and pencils – aiming to eke out a living and trying to tame a wayward house and garden. I have a weekly visit to Lowestoft to visit my elderly mum and help run a drawing group there – but it’s not the place it was (or at least what I remember it was)! Lovely to hear from you. M.

  7. Hello, I’m currently in my second year of college and studying Art&Design. For my A Level unit I am studying a set brief ‘Homes’ and for my artist research, I came across your brilliant Bungay Panorama Project and would like to talk about your work. I’m hoping to create a panoramic piece myself and this has really inspired me!
    I was wondering if you’d maybe answer some questions about the project, if you wouldn’t mind?
    Thank you!

  8. Hi Eleanor. No problem at all! In the first instance, why not e-mail me at malcolm(dot)cudmore(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk. Malcolm

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