Artist’s Drawing Techniques – Dorling Kindersley

I’m very pleased to have been asked to contribute several double-page spreads to this terrific new book from Dorling Kindersley. My contributions were all about techniques for using coloured pencils. In total, I had to create 7 new images together with explanatory text  and working photos of the pictures in progress. The book, which was largely produced to a format developed by fellow artist Jake Spicer, is now available in all good bookshops or via the usual Internet shopping sites.

Here are some thumbnails of the pages I was involved with. The work was completed during a very intensive three weeks earlier this year with a lot of “to-ing and fro-ing” with editors, designers and copywriters. The two showcase pictures (“Hubcap Selfie” and “Flamenco in Barcelona”) were done in a single weekend of manic scribbling at a rate of working that was potentially injurious to my health!

I’m particularly pleased with the pages about coloured pencils and the colour space. I seem to unique (to my knowledge) amongst my coloured pencil colleagues in championing (or even using!) the concept of the Munsell Colour Space.

I don’t sell the book. However, at just £20, it is a really substantial (and very well produced) book for anyone interested in widening and developing their drawing techniques.

Introduction with my two showcase pictures
My pages on the colour space
Spread about mark making
Working in monochrome
Red, yellow & blue pencils only
Using complementary colour
Intermediate showcase picture
Advanced showcase picture



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