Two to the Power of Six (Days 2 and 3)

For “earnin2015-07-30-01g a living” reasons, I was not able to make my Day 2 picture on Day 2 itself! The combination of a journey to Crewe after finishing painting on Day 1, then a day in a shopping centre followed by a return journey home late on Day 2 meant that it was just not practical. So – inspired (!) by what I’d been doing the day before, I decided to paint a piece of “contemporary”art the following day. However, unlike Mr Koons, I have been a professional balloon modeller for the best part of 25 years, so I felt that I could legitimately create my own prototype and take care of production myself without an army of assistants.


2015-07-30-02After lunch, I got on with Day 3! For a July day, it has been rather cold and miserable. Once again, I was painting in the wet under a dripping umbrella.  This view is also over our back fence – slightly to the left of the view on Day 1. It shows part of the dairy farm that grazes its cows on the water meadows behind us.

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